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Fall (in LOVE with a #Shifter!) #Romance #BlogHop #Paranormal #Giveaway

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to the FALL INTO ROMANCE Blog Hop!!

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Shifters are my all-time fave books to read, and if you haven’t checked out my Chestnut Rock Series yet, why not give it a go? You’ll fall in love with the quaint little town in the Pacific Northwest that is home to wolves, bears, bunnies and more! 

There are seven books total (each book can be read as a stand-alone, but includes characters from the other books), and if you prefer the feel of a paperback, you can pick up one (or both) of the bundles!

Here’s a complete list of the series:
JENN’S WOLF (Book 1)
TROY’S FOX (Book 5)
MAX’S SKUNK (Book 6)


**Now for the GIVEAWAY!!**

I’m giving away an awesome CHESTNUT ROCK Swag Pack (pictured above!!) It includes a tote, composition book with some of my covers on the front, sticky notes, buttons, keychain, pen, postcards, Facebook card, and bookmarks!

For a chance to win, leave me a comment below and tell me your fave animal!! Don’t forget to leave your EMAIL so I have a way to contact you if you win! I’ll choose one Random winner on Tuesday, September 23!


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**More HOP fun!**

There are nearly one hundred authors and bloggers on this hop! Be sure and go back to the main hop site, ROMANCEBLOG HOPS WITH HEART and visit each and every one of them for more giveaway fun!

Happy Hopping Everyone! :)


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Fall into Romance in 4 Days! #HopswithHeart #Romance #BlogHop #Giveaway

Hi Everyone!

The Fall into Romance Blog Hop starts this Friday, September 19 on the Hops with Heart Blog!

Readers: Mark your calendars and join over 100 Romance authors and bloggers for a weekend full of giveaway fun!!

Authors: If you signed up for this hop, I’ve already sent an email with all the info you need to write your post—including the Grand Prize Rafflecopter Code! If you haven’t received it, check your spam/junk folder! If you still haven’t received the info, email me at:

I can’t wait for Friday—I know this is going to be a great hop!! :)


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cover Reveal: A Warlock’s Destiny #PNR #Witches #Romance #MFRWauthor

Hi Everyone!!

Today I’m sharing the cover for A WARLOCK’S DESTINY, Reluctant Mates, Book 4!! A WARLOCK’S DESTINY will be available on October 10—just in time for Halloween! ;)

Here’s the blurb:
Isabelle Turner, a librarian known as the only powerless witch in the Mythical Realm, has been on more human dates than she can count. Unfortunately, the evenings always end the same, with her wishing she could turn her date into a toad. When she receives a summons from the Council, she’s convinced they’re going to push her into the human world for good. Instead, they force her to take a mate.

Liam Waverly is the most powerful warlock in the Mythical Realm. When the Council brings up mating, he knows their choice will be an accomplished witch to match his strength. When they try and force him to mate with the powerless witch, he decides to seek out his own mate, but fails.

In order to sustain the numbers of all mythical beings, the Council, the governing body of the Mythical Realm, intervened and found prosperous matches for several of their subjects. Rather than create an act of treason, punishable by death, Isabelle and Liam agree to mate. The mating bond is sacred, but several disastrous incidents push them apart, starting with Liam’s desire to mate with another. When Liam finds out Isabelle’s secret, they agree to work together, but it will take more than a tentative friendship to keep evil from destroying them both.

And here’s the fabulous cover:

Each book in the Reluctant Mates series is set in the same world, but is a stand-alone romance featuring a new couple!

Here’s the complete series in order:

Find them all on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and All Romance Ebooks! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Camilla’s Big Break ~ A Vampire’s Light #Excerpt #Vampire #Romance #MFRWauthor

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from A VAMPIRE’S LIGHT, Reluctant Mates, Book 3! Each book in the series is set in the same world, but can be read as a stand-alone!

I know you’ll love Camilla and Grayson!

Here’s the blurb for A VAMPIRE’S LIGHT:
Camilla Everwood is a down on her luck fairy, convinced she’ll never find love. Her short, petite, boyish frame keeps the men far away and she’s struggling to find enough clients to get her landscaping business off the ground. When she receives a summons from the Council, she believes her professional luck has changed—until she finds out she’s being forced to mate with a vampire.

Grayson Lockhart is a vampire determined to live out his life alone. He revealed his true-self once, a long time ago, and never wants to go through the pain of rejection again. Unfortunately, his large, empty home, combined with his lonely heart, interferes with his happiness. When he receives a summons from the Council, and finds out they’ve forced him to mate with a fairy, he knows better than to hope for anything more than someone to share his living space.

In order to sustain the numbers of all mythical beings, the Council, the governing body of the Mythical Realm, intervened and found prosperous matches for several of their subjects. Rather than create an act of treason punishable by death, Camilla and Grayson agree to accept their fate, despite their obvious differences and schedules. They quickly fall into an easy, comfortable routine, but old insecurities and a dangerous enemy threaten to keep them apart forever.

Here’s an excerpt:
Camilla picked up the envelope and when she carefully broke the seal, the glowing stopped, indicating the letter had been opened by the correct recipient. She read the contents and looked at her mother.

“I don’t believe it. I’m being summoned. Do you know what this is about?”

“I have an idea, but I think they better explain it. I don’t want to say anything in case I’m wrong.”

She knew her mother well enough to know the woman wasn’t telling the whole truth, but Cam let it go. She couldn’t think of any possible reason the Council would want to see her, unless they wanted her to design something for the assembly hall. Maybe they wanted to add an indoor garden to the foyer, or hang herbs on the windowsills. If other beings found out she’d been the one to complete a job for the Council, her phone might start ringing.

Seeing the Council could be the break she’d been waiting for.

Excited over the possibilities, Cam finished her yogurt and fruit, said goodbye to her mother and went to her bedroom. She pulled out her portfolio, double-checked her bio and photos and did a couple sketches of the ideas that popped in her head after reading the missive.

Later that night, after hours of sketches and plans, she forced herself to sleep in preparation for the following day. Her meeting with the Council wasn’t until after dinner, but she wanted to be fully prepared and a good night’s rest was a must.

As she drifted off to sleep, all thoughts of Barry, his wedding, and her miserable life had vanished. Instead, she thought about her mother’s smile. Cam knew the woman had something to do with her new opportunity. The Council didn’t usually reach out to its subjects randomly, and her mother knew the members more intimately than most beings did.

She couldn’t wait to be able to afford to take her mom out and thank her properly.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fantastic Forty: Lloyd A. Meeker @LloydAMeeker #LGBT #MMRomance #MFRWauthor

~Lloyd A. Meeker~

Author name: Lloyd A. Meeker

Fave food? Rib-eye steak
Fave drink (non-alcoholic)? Coffee, and please make it strong! I like heavily roasted mud in my mug.
Fave candy bar? Heath Bar
Fave flower? I should say orchids, because my husband grows several dozen kinds, but I’ve always loved iris. They were my grandmother’s flower.
Fave gemstone? Emerald
Fave day of the week? Sunday. Long, long ago I was a minister, and Sundays took on a whole new beauty when I came out and left my post.
Fave time of day to write? Morning, right after the gym.
Fave season? Summer. Even in southern Florida, and I don’t like air conditioning much. I love the thunderstorms and sensuously warm nights.
Fave holiday? Thanksgiving
Fave color? Green
Fave animal? Elephant
Fave hobby? Cooking, tied with music.
Fave sport? Hockey. It was the only team sport I was really good at.
Fave song? Pop song, Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Jubilee”; Classical, Beim Schlafengehen, from Richard Strauss’ Four Last Songs.
Fave TV show? College football bowl coverage!
Fave movie? An Italian movie called “The Ignorant Fairy” which was re-titled “His Secret Life” for English language release. It’s about a young widow who discovers her husband had had a male lover for years, and the halting relationship that grows between the two. It’s a beautiful, poetic and loving film.
Fave book? Hard to say, but probably A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin. I read it in my early twenties and it changed me deeply.
Fave author? I guess it would have to be Ursula LeGuin, given she wrote my favorite book!
Fave word? Forgiveness. It would take too long to say why—that’s what my book Traveling Light was about.
Fave quote? Heraclitus~ “A man’s character is his destiny.” Destiny can also be translated as “doom”, or “fate.”

Lightning Round:
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Cake or pie? Pie, no question.
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
Salty or sweet? Salt, nine times out of ten.
Veggies or fruit? Fruit. I can go a very long way on fresh grapes, coconuts, mangoes and papaya.
Owl or lark? Owl, Athena’s totem. Its laser-focus ferocity is more terrifying than an eagle’s.
Plot or not? I plot, knowing that it will change as I write, but I have to have a basic map of the story. I don’t think anyone would mistake a map for the real terrain it charts—my plotting is just a map, and it has to be updated frequently to keep it in sync with reality.
Desktop or laptop? Laptop. I don’t even own a desktop machine.
Pencil or pen? Pen. I can’t remember when I used a pencil last. It was probably because I couldn’t find a pen.
Rain or sun? Sun—after a downpour. How’s that for weaseling?
Land or sea? I live where land and sea meet, and that’s perfect for me. I’ve been on only one trans-Atlantic voyage. I loved learning from the sea for days on end, but I wouldn’t want to spend most of my time on the ocean. I make a good sea-guest, but not a good squatter.
Plane or train? Train, whenever I can.
Run or walk? Run for exercise, walk for smelling the roses with friends.
Casual or dressy? Slovenly casual. The polo shirt I’m wearing right now is at least 15 years old, and I got my cargo shorts at a thrift store. I haven’t worn a tie voluntarily since I retired in 2011.
Indoors or outdoors? Although I spend most of my time indoors, I love hiking a nature trail. I just got back from visiting the Hoh Rain Forest with my son. Those trees teach humility in the most powerful silence imaginable.
Reading: EBook or paperback? EBook
Reading: Novellas or novels? Novels
Theater or rental? Rental
Vampire or shifter? Shifter. Panther, I think, rather than wolf. I don’t think I’d make a good pack animal.
Jedi or Sith? Jedi. I’m at my best serving something higher than myself, plus I can’t muster the narcissism required to be evil.

Tell us about your new/latest release:

Title: The Companion
Genre: Mystical Gay Romance with a Murder Mystery

Shepherd Bucknam hasn’t had a lover in more than a decade, and doesn’t need one. As a Daka, he coaches men in the sacred art and mystery of sexual ecstasy all the time, and he loves his work. It’s his calling. In fact, he’s perfectly content—except for the terrors of his recurring nightmare, and the ominous blood-red birthmarks on his neck. He’s convinced that together they foretell his early and violent death.

When Shepherd’s young protégé is murdered, LAPD Detective Marco Fidanza gets the case. The two men are worlds apart: Marco has fought hard for everything he’s accomplished, in sharp contrast to the apparent ease of Shepherd’s inherited wealth—but their mutual attraction is too hot for either of them to ignore.

Shepherd swears he’ll help find his protégé’s killer but Marco warns him to stay out of it. When an influential politician is implicated, the police investigation grinds to a halt. Shepherd hires his own investigator. Marco calls it dangerous meddling.

As their volatile relationship deepens, Shepherd discovers his nightmares might not relate to the future, but to the deadly legacy of a past life—a life he may have to revisit before he can fully live and love in this one.

He must have heard the promise of battle, because he looked up from his notebook. His nose had been broken, and a scar cut a pale ditch through his left eyebrow. It was damn sexy. If he wasn’t going to answer my questions, I’d start a different conversation with him. His mouth opened, but I cut him off.

“Do you enjoy sex, Detective?”

He snorted. “Not with prostitutes.”

I ignored the deliberate insult. “You’d be amazed at how many men don’t enjoy sex, don’t know how. Mostly, men love orgasm, and it doesn’t matter much what they do to get one.”

“Is that so?” Fidanza looked amused.

I got the uneasy feeling he might be playing me, but I pushed on. “In my experience, yes. Real sex is a mystical journey that few men explore, let alone become skilled at—probably because they never learned what sex is, never had anyone actually lead them into the real wonder. That’s what I do. I’m a Daka. I coach men in sexual ecstasy.”

Fidanza smiled, a thin, cynical curl. “And I’m sure you’re paid very well too.” He tilted his head at the stainless steel kitchen. “This place isn’t exactly a slum. And DMV shows you have three cars: a Prius, a Mercedes sedan, and a Maserati. Nice.”

I was winning round one. I knew this dance perfectly. “I do get paid well. But I don’t do it for the money.”

“Bullshit. The cars aren’t financed. There’s no mortgage on this place or your so-called studio. I had them checked. The Maserati alone must’ve cost over two hundred fifty grand. To say nothing of maintenance.”

“It probably doesn’t fit your prejudice, Detective, but I’m not a Daka for the money. I inherited more money than I’ll ever spend, even with this very expensive apartment and a Maserati. In fact, I donate the cash equivalent of one of those cars to charity every year. I do my erotic coaching because it’s a sacred art, and I’m good at it. I’ve practiced, experimented. Trained. Studied with tantric masters for years. I still do.”

His eyebrows lifted. I watched him take time to let that sink in. “You’re shitting me.”

“Detective, you’re far too attractive to bullshit.”

The man’s face slammed shut like a cold steel door. “Don’t try flattery on me, Bucknam. Or worse, seduction. You’re assuming I’m attracted. That could be a mighty dangerous mistake.”

“Not an assumption.” I shook my head. I had him. “You’re too angry with me to be straight. I’ve learned to read men’s bodies. A straight cop would just smile and treat me like any other non-person he had to deal with. He’d risk nothing, being here. You’re too tense—your breathing is a little fast and shallow, and your grip on the pen is too tight. I’m guessing it’s because you’re more personally affected than a straight cop would be.”

Fidanza barked out a curt laugh. “Well, good for you, Sherlock.” He glared at me, and I felt the energetic wallop. We were attracted to each other. A lot.

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