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Book Spotlight: Office Hours @Gordon_Writer #Contemporary #Giveaway #RomanticSuspense

Title: Office Hours
Author: Lori J Gordon
Genre: Contemporary Romance with elements of Suspense
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press

Emily Winters was looking for a new job, not a new lover. Answering and ad for office manager she found both. Life is good until her ex decides he isn’t finished with her. Soon Emily finds herself caught in a web of lies as she tries to hide her past lover from her present one. Just when she thought she was safe the two men encounter each other in the most embarrassing meeting of Emily’s life.

His father’s unexpected death hurled Ryan Rose into the president’s seat of the family business. When his retiring manager hires her replacement, a woman who says she doesn’t believe in office romance, Ryan does the only thing he knows to win her over, retire. Preparing to sell his share, he discovers a connection between the buyer and his secretary, a connection he’s not sure he can forgive.

Together the couple learns love’s not always sex and roses.

Leaning back in his chair, Ryan Rose frowned. The unexpected death of his father turned his life upside down. He missed him every day, but days like this he cursed the man for leaving him in charge of the family business.

Besides dealing with his mother’s break-down over her husband’s death, he’d found himself hurtled into the president’s seat of Frank and Son’s Construction. The company his dad added him to weeks after his high school graduation. Because Ryan never took the time to learn the business end, he never intended to be the boss, at thirty-one he was scrambling to run the company he now owned.

Ugghh! He wasn’t cut out for the responsibilities that came with owning a company. But every time he mentioned selling, his mother sank deeper into depression. Selling what your father sweated to make a success would be unforgivable. The words often haunted him so Ryan let it go. For now. Once his mom recovered they’d definitely visit the subject again. He didn’t plan on spending years behind a desk to please her.

He wearily eyed the two stacks of employment applications sitting on the old oak desk. Pile one reminded him he needed to find a replacement for his father’s long-time secretary and office manager, Betsy Reynolds, who’d decided she couldn’t continue working for the company since Frank’s death. Pile two belonged to those interested in a job as his mother’s aid and companion. Losing her husband of forty-two years had made Lois Rose far too dependent on him.

Since his sister still recovered from her own tragedy he’d been left to deal with his mother’s break-down on his own. When he threatened to send mom to live with his sister and her fiancée Lisa suggested they hire a helper. Knowing his mom would hate moving from the home she’d lived in for over forty years, Ryan agreed to hire someone to help Lois with the daily chores and get her out some. If things worked out he’d be able to move from the house he now shared with her. He had one problem. He knew nothing about hiring a babysitter for a sixty-eight year old widower. And even less about finding someone to run the office.

The buzzing intercom almost knocked him out of the chair. “Ryan, your one-thirty interview’s here. Shall I send her in?”

Shit! Had he known about an interview at one-thirty? Frantically checking the desktop calendar he noted the appointment he’d penciled in but hadn’t bothered to note the name or position the applicant was applying for. If he took the time to study the applications now, or ask his secretary for help, the ever efficient Betsy would know he wasn’t prepared. He’d never hear the end of it. And he just wasn’t up for another one of her your father would have lectures. Grabbing a random application from the top of pile two, he replied, “Send her in please.”

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Author Bio:
Lori, Lori J Gordon resides in Northern California with her Husband and two dogs, Skittles and Bandit. She began writing seriously in 2006 and published her first e-book in March 2012. Since then she has published six books with Rebel Ink Press, the seventh releasing October 10, 2014. When she is not reading or writing, Lori works as a Retail Supervisor.

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Book Spotlight: Temporarily Employed @VickiBatman #Romance #MFRWauthor

Title: Temporarily Employed
Author: Vicki Batman
Genre: Romantic Comedy Mystery
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

New Job. New Love. And Murder.
Hattie Cook's dream job is down the toilet and her new SUV violated. Desperate for cash to cover the basic necessities of rent and food, she takes a temporary job at Buy Rite Insurance Company where she uncovers an embezzling scam tied to the death of a former employee--the very one she replaced. The last thing she wants is to clash with By-the-Book Detective Wellborn, no matter how much he makes her heart pound.

Detective Allan Charles Wellborn has secretly adored Hattie all his life. When the police determine there's more to the death of a former Buy Rite employee, he steps in to lead the investigation. Overly dedicated, always perfect, he puts his job first, even if doing so ultimately hurts the one he loves.

Can the killer be found before Hattie's time is up?


Pretty much covered the whole freakin’ day. 

A blinding red-white, red-white strobe, reflected in my brand new Wrangler’s rearview mirror, seized my attention. The police. I tossed my hands skyward, ready to surrender. I shouldn’t have been too surprised. Like I'd commented this a.m. to my roommate, Jenny, “Today, anything’s possible.”

My Bad Day checklist included:
- Crappy job interview, one which might have provided desperately needed income.
- Wore gut-busting panty hose on a hot day which had now worked past my waist and strangled my diaphragm.
- A barely blowing air conditioner indicated something had malfunctioned in my new, fun car.

I stole another glance in the mirror, and with great reluctance, flipped the right turn indicator. My vehicle coasted to a stop on the shoulder of Boston Avenue in my hometown of Sommerville, a nice suburb located between two large cities. Four lanes of cars and trucks zipped by as I sat there where every single one of my family, friends, friends’ friends, and their friends—including Rat Fink Suzanne—would see a police vehicle positioned right behind mine. Gleefully, drivers would chant the “Ha-ha, got you, not me” ditty.

How embarrassing.

After killing the engine, I flopped back in the seat. Shooting the morons the finger was an idea.

Nah. I'm too exhausted to care.

A litany of:  "No, not hiring." "Just filled the position." "You're over qualified." "You're under qualified…" tornadoed through my head. Coupled with the intense job search through various outlets like the internet and completing numerous online employment applications, no wonder my body had been depleted of all life force.

Not even a breeze blew to take the edge off the unbearable summertime heat. Tangled wild trees and dry scrubby bushes banked the roadside. The grass had taken on a scorched look. Rolling down the driver’s window, I surveyed my surroundings. Nothing great. Nothing new.  

I stole a glance in the side mirror at the policeman who strode purposefully along the shoulder. The gravel crunched under his boots. He looked huge, probably because his uniform, which appeared to be bulked with a bullet-proof vest, made him resemble a buffed-up superhero in size. Exceedingly intimidating.

Sigh. When things went wrong, they were really wrong.

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Author Bio:
Like some of her characters, award-winning author, Vicki Batman has worked a wide variety of jobs including lifeguard, ride attendant at an amusement park; a hardware store, department store, book store, antique store clerk; administrative assistant in an international real estate firm; and a general “do anything gal” at a financial services firm--the list is endless.

Writing for several years, she has completed three manuscripts, written essays, and sold many short stories to TRUE LOVE, TRUE ROMANCE, TRUE CONFESSIONS, NOBLE ROMANCE PUBLISHING, LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS, MUSEITUP PUBLISHING, and THE WILD ROSE PRESS. She is a member of RWA and several writing groups and chapters. In 2004, she joined DARA and has served in many capacities, including 2009 President. DARA awarded her the Robin Teer Memorial Service Award in 2010.
Most days begin with her hands set to the keyboard and thinking "What if??"

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A Warlock’s Destiny ~ Available Now!! #NewRelease #Paranormal #Witches #Fantasy


A WARLOCK’S DESTINY (Reluctant Mates, Book 4) is available now!!

Reluctant Mates is a series of four books set in the same world. Each book involves a new couple and can be read as a stand-alone. Here’s the set-up:

The Council, guardians of all beings in the Mythical Realm, is never wrong…

Our numbers are dwindling.

Evil from both the human and mythical worlds are intent on destroying us. If we’re not careful, soon every species in the mythical realm will be extinct.

Our vast history proves mated pairs fight harder to protect and sustain all mythical species. Therefore, you have two choices: find a mate on your own, or accept the mate we’ve chosen for you.

You have three days to decide.

If you refuse or hide, you create an act of treason punishable by death…

Here’s the blurb:

Isabelle Turner, a librarian known as the only powerless witch in the Mythical Realm, has been on more human dates than she can count. Unfortunately, the evenings always end the same, with her wishing she could turn her date into a toad. When she receives a summons from the Council, she’s convinced they’re going to push her into the human world for good. Instead, they force her to take a mate.

Liam Waverly is the most powerful warlock in the Mythical Realm. When the Council brings up mating, he knows their choice will be an accomplished witch to match his strength. When they try and force him to mate with the powerless witch, he decides to seek out his own mate, but fails.

In order to sustain the numbers of all mythical beings, the Council, the governing body of the Mythical Realm, intervened and found prosperous matches for several of their subjects. Rather than create an act of treason, punishable by death, Isabelle and Liam agree to mate. The mating bond is sacred, but several disastrous incidents push them apart, starting with Liam’s desire to mate with another. When Liam finds out Isabelle’s secret, they agree to work together, but it will take more than a tentative friendship to keep evil from destroying them both.


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Fantastic Forty: Barbara Donlon Bradley #SciFiRomance #Futuristic #MFRWauthor #Interview

~Barbara Donlon Bradley~

Author name: Barbara Donlon Bradley

Fave food? Sushi
Fave drink (non-alcoholic)? Yoo-hoo
Fave candy bar? Snicker’s with Almonds
Fave flower? Roses
Fave gemstone? Opal—Birthstone, too.
Fave day of the week? Thursday—not sure why.
Fave time of day to write? Late at night when everyone has gone to bed.
Fave season? Fall
Fave holiday? Halloween
Fave color? Purple
Fave animal? Dragon
Fave hobby? Driving my husband crazy.
Fave sport? Football
Fave song? 7 Bridges Road—The Eagles
Fave TV show? Big Bang Theory
Fave movie? ID4
Fave book? Shanna
Fave author? JoAnna Lindsey
Fave word? Cool
Fave quote? Hmm—don’t really have one, how about “don’t worry be happy.”

Lightning Round:
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Cake or pie? Cake
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
Salty or sweet? Both
Veggies or fruit? Fruit
Owl or lark? Owl
Plot or not? Not—I’m a pantser.
Desktop or laptop? Laptop
Pencil or pen? Pencil
Rain or sun? Rain
Land or sea? Sea
Plane or train? Plane—I want to get there.
Run or walk? Walk
Casual or dressy? Casual
Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
Reading: EBook or paperback? Paperback
Reading: Novellas or novels? Novels
Theater or rental? Rental
Vampire or shifter? Shifter
Jedi or Sith? Jedi

Tell us about your new/latest release:
I’ve been working on a series called the Vespian Way. It deals with Heather and Storm. Heather is a member of Earth’s security and a bit of a loner. Her nickname amongst her piers is Ice Queen. When she meets Storm that all changes. He shows her just how much passion she has.

Storm is from Vespia and is the ambassador to Earth. He finds Heather fascinating in the beginning. He exudes a pheromone that either makes people desire him or makes them hate him with just as much passion. She’s the first one not affected. He’s also very dominating. He’s the future leader of Vespia and used to people following his orders. Heather has had an issue following orders when she didn’t think they were right and that causes sparks to fly between her and Storm.

Heather and Storm are destined for each other. Throughout the series they learn of a prophesy that centers around them. They also learn that Heather isn’t human but was genetically engineered as an ancient. A race that is basically nothing more than a myth on Vespia. What’s worse is there are people who want her because of what she is. There are now seven titles released in the series with three more in the works.

Title: Stolen Desire (Book 7 of the Vespian Way series)
Genre: SF/Futuristic Erotic Romance

When Heather is confronted with her time traveling self she fears the worse. The woman came to warn them of a terrible accident but something isn’t right. The visitors her future self says are there to help only wants to kidnap her and kill her mate. Using her mind she tries to protect her friends and family. Yet she wakes up as a prisoner after seeing the ship Storm is in blow up. She is now alone, and trapped. Somehow she has to figure out a way home and hopefully reverse all the horrible things that have taken her family from her.

Heather sighed as she opened her eyes and stretched. Before she could move she felt a warm hand on her breast.

“I see you’re awake.” Storm’s breath brushed against her cheek.

She looked up at her mate, who had a knowing smile on his face. “And I see you are awake too.” She was referring to the erection pressed against her hip.

“True, but I can’t help it when I have such a wonderful partner lying beside me.” Storm nibbled against her throat. “We still have time before we need to be anywhere.”

“Why didn’t you wake me earlier?” She smiled as he settled himself between her thighs. “You could have had all the time you want if you had.”

“Because the twins aren’t allowing you to get enough sleep yet. I don’t mind watching you sleep when I know you need it. It gives me time to appreciate having you in my life.” He dipped his head to her mark. “And waking you up this way is an anticipation I look forward to. I don’t mind stretching that out a little.”

“Because you know what will happen when I wake.”

“That is the best part.”

She felt him smile against her neck as he pulled the soft tissue of her mark into his mouth before he worked his way down her body.

“You are incorrigible.”

“And that is why I’m your heart.” His tongue lathed her nipple before drawing the tip into his mouth. She arched up against him and he slipped his hands under her.

A growl escaped him when they were interrupted by the computer system. “Heather, you have a communiqué from Admiral Barrister.”

She sighed again. This time in frustration. What did he want now?

“The last time he contacted us you ended up being whipped.” Storm blew against the tip before he climbed back up her body. “I’m inclined to not let you answer him.”

“Storm, I’m still part of Earth’s security.” She looked up at him, his face only inches above hers. “I can’t ignore him.”

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Author Bio:
Writing for Barbara Donlon Bradley started innocently enough, like most she kept diaries, journals, and wrote an occasional letter but she also had a vivid imagination and wrote scenes and short stories adding characters to her favorite shows and comic books. As time went on she found the passion for writing to be a strong drive for her. Humor is also very strong in her life. No matter how hard she tries to write something deep and dark, it will never happen. That humor bleeds into her writing. Since she can’t beat it she has learned to use it to her advantage. Now she lives in Tidewater Virginia with two cats, one mother in law – whose 87 now, her husband and son.

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Grayson’s Hunger ~ A Vampire’s Light #Excerpt #Vampire #Romance #MFRWauthor

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m sharing another excerpt from A VAMPIRE’S LIGHT (Reluctant Mates, Book 3!) Each book is set in the same Mythical Realm, but is a stand-alone novella featuring a new couple!

In A VAMPIRE’S LIGHT, we meet Camilla (a fairy) and Grayson (a vampire)—Night and day collide when they are forced by the Council to mate!

Here’s an excerpt:
Grayson Lockhart stared into his bowl of cereal and squirmed as another waft of the perfume from his donor drifted under his nose. He should have showered first, but he’d only taken the amount of blood needed to survive and he was still hungry.

He required very little blood to live, and only fed on donors once a week. His job as overnight security at the Pine Lake Village gave him the perfect opportunity to find willing subjects to keep him alive.

Pine Lake was a resort built around a man-made lake that offered everything tourists desired, all within walking distance. Besides dining and shopping, there were several places that rented equipment for fun on the boardwalk or in the water.

Grayson had enjoyed most of the activities the resort offered, but always after dark. The sun was strictly off limits to his vampire blood. In his younger years, he used to dream of hanging out in the sun like the kids on TV or in the movies, but as he aged, most of the fantasies had disappeared. Almost.

In reality, he’d learned to let the dream go. He’d never be able to step foot in the sunlight and survive. As much as he wanted to feel the sun on his skin, he didn’t want to die for the feeling.

At night, the locals visited Pine Lake for other reasons. Couples parked in the resort lot for free and then took a walk on the boardwalk, or went for a midnight swim. He often found lovers hidden in the trees or displayed openly upon the boulders at the more secluded side of the lake.

Sometimes he’d find a jilted woman crying in the sand or teens experimenting in the bushes. As long as everyone behaved, and caused no damage to the property, he let them be.

If a single woman showed interest in him, he’d use her as a donor. It wasn’t hard to convince a woman to let him kiss her neck. After he got the nutrients he needed, he licked the wounds so they would fade away, and then he used his power to erase the encounter from the woman’s mind. He rarely had sex with them, but if he did, he erased those memories too.

He’d never risk revealing himself again.

Find out more about the Reluctant Mates Series on my website!

And don’t miss Book 4, A WARLOCK’S DESTINY, releasing October 10!

Happy Reading!